100 Portraits 2017: Rae

Portrait number 11 is Rae, a true Old Soul who’s favourite musical artists include Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Rae also has the gift of always being ready to dance, music or not. Here she is in the silence of my studio pulling off a spontaneous classic Charleston and looking fabulous. 

100 Portraits 2017: Wayne


Portait number 10: Wayne Della Siega

Wayne approached me the week before his turn in the studio came up and said, “I have an idea for my portrait. I have a thing for shoes, you see…” So of course I was delighted when he showed up with a giant suitcase full of his John Fluevog shoes in tow.

Wayne, you’re one of a kind. Thanks for being such a cool subject!!


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Happy Easter!

100 Portraits 2017: meet Sam

Portrait number 9. Sam’s right hand is out of the frame but that almost says as much about who she is as the rest of the image; nothing holds this girl back, not even the edge of my viewfinder…. The plaid shirt worn as a cape, the confident hand on the hip, the well worn Vans shoes and her obvious excellent taste in beer are all clues. Sam lives life like she plays rugby: take-no-shit, full throttle, no-holds-barred commitment. ‘STAY GOLD’ is tattooed on that right hand. Sam, I couldn’t agree more. 

100 Portraits 2017: Mika & Dempsey (the cat)Β 

Portrait number 8. This is an ‘accidental’ image of my daughter and her cat, taken as the ever-curious Dempsey, (refusing to pose peacefully,) scrambled up and around Mika’s shoulders to the floor to continue exploring the alien environment of my studio setup. I took several in-focus, neat photos in this session but the artist in me really went for the spontaneity, movement and expression in this frame. I like it, I hope you do too πŸ™‚ 

100 Portraits 2017: Liz

Portrait number 7: Liz Tourtidis is, in a word, fabulous. She came to the studio wearing her signature Converse sneakers and the perfect polka-dot coat pictured here. She is an artist as well and a hair wizard and has a smile that lights up a room. Thank you Liz​​! 

100 Portraits 2017: Alex

Portrait #6 Alex (aka ‘Meathead Mullan’, aka ‘Captain Quads’) 

Besides being driven, an excellent motivator, and master of his craft, Alex is also an all-around great guy, (as anyone can tell by the ‘hi friend’ tattoo stamped below his left nipple). 

If you are looking to find your inner Adonis and work on some body sculpting, check out Alex’s website  www.massthetics.net 
Image details: Ilford HP5 plus, Nikon FA, Tamron SP 28-80, Nikon speedlight SB15. Film scanned on Epson V550. Unretouched, unfiltered.

100 Portraits 2017: Nathan


I know this guy very well; not just because we work together but he’s also my son. He’s a got a huge heart and a tender soul. There are so many ‘classic Nathan’ expressions and faces that I just had to choose this genuine, looking-straight-into-the-camera-laughing image of him. Love you bud.

100 Portraits 2017: friendship

heather and jill3

This is a group of people who are dear to my heart, as well as camera shy. I suggested they have their portraits done together, as they’re pretty much one big family anyways. Lots of barefoot love here πŸ™‚
Portrait #4 in this black and white film series.

100 Portraits 2017: Erica


If you don’t believe in forest Faeries, you’ve never met Erica. She’s magical.

35mm Ilford HP5, unfiltered, unretouched, scanned with Epson V550

Nikon FA, Tamron SP 28-80 @ f5.6, shutter speed 1/250 with Nikon SB-15 speedlight, TTL

100 portraits 2017: troy, beth and anwyn


The second of 100 black and white film sessions, this candid photo stood out to me as an endearing moment in every parent’s life; the busyness, the entertaining, the adoration, the absolute trust, treats and every child’s best effort to live a life lived at full strength in the light of their parents’ love. I loved the brief time I had photographing this family.

Technically, I also like the artifacts present in this photo: the emulsion rubs, the squeegee mark all the way across the frame, the blown-out highlight on Anwyn`s cheek, the water stain in the top right corner. To me these just make it more ‘filmy’ but also tell me I`ve got a few bugs to work out of my process…

In the end, I`m going for feel and personality more than technical perfection. For me, this pic delivers just that.