100 portraits 2017: troy, beth and anwyn


The second of 100 black and white film sessions, this candid photo stood out to me as an endearing moment in every parent’s life; the busyness, the entertaining, the adoration, the absolute trust, treats and every child’s best effort to live a life lived at full strength in the light of their parents’ love. I loved the brief time I had photographing this family.

Technically, I also like the artifacts present in this photo: the emulsion rubs, the squeegee mark all the way across the frame, the blown-out highlight on Anwyn`s cheek, the water stain in the top right corner. To me these just make it more ‘filmy’ but also tell me I`ve got a few bugs to work out of my process…

In the end, I`m going for feel and personality more than technical perfection. For me, this pic delivers just that.


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