100 Portraits 2017: Erica


If you don’t believe in forest Faeries, you’ve never met Erica. She’s magical.

35mm Ilford HP5, unfiltered, unretouched, scanned with Epson V550

Nikon FA, Tamron SP 28-80 @ f5.6, shutter speed 1/250 with Nikon SB-15 speedlight, TTL

100 portraits 2017: troy, beth and anwyn


The second of 100 black and white film sessions, this candid photo stood out to me as an endearing moment in every parent’s life; the busyness, the entertaining, the adoration, the absolute trust, treats and every child’s best effort to live a life lived at full strength in the light of their parents’ love. I loved the brief time I had photographing this family.

Technically, I also like the artifacts present in this photo: the emulsion rubs, the squeegee mark all the way across the frame, the blown-out highlight on Anwyn`s cheek, the water stain in the top right corner. To me these just make it more ‘filmy’ but also tell me I`ve got a few bugs to work out of my process…

In the end, I`m going for feel and personality more than technical perfection. For me, this pic delivers just that.


100 portraits 2017: lydia


As a follow-up to a project I did in 2011 called ‘100 portraits in 20 weeks‘, in which I painted or drew 100 small portraits from profile pictures of fellow bloggers who commented on my blog, (I was successful in meeting my goal and connected with many amazing people), I am commencing a second project in kind. This time I’m following my love of photography and making 100 portraits using my old Nikon FA and good old black and white film. No filters, no touch-ups, no jazzing up. I wish I could go analog all the way but I’m scanning the film to share with the world digitally. My goal is again to finish in 20 weeks, as 5 photoshoots and scanning sessions a week is enough for me. Follow along and feel free to give me some feedback!!

Portrait #1. This is my girl. Of all the photos I took of her I chose this one because she has always been my laughing girl and I feel that this shot embodies her joy of life perfectly. Keep laughing Lyds! Love you